Jim Nemeth: Improv your Business!

Jim Nemeth demystifies the rules of improvisation (yes rules!) and confirms what Willie Wonka already knows: "Improvisation is a parlor trick!  Anyone can do It (badly)!”.  Jim guides us through a discussion on bringing Improv techniques to the role of the "executive performer."  By following these rules (and with a little rehearsal) you will soon be hearing the applause you deserve on the “corporate stage” of business.

Trevor Stone: Creative Interventions in Daily Life

Spontaneous Art bring strangers together for moments of communal laughter, authentic social connections and flashes of creativity.  We infiltrate public spaces in costume and create entertaining spectacles that alter routine daily life.  Bystanders become part of the act and spectators jump in to help shape the direction of our skits.  Spontaneous Art's performances investigate and depend on the inventiveness of strangers to reach their full potential.  After participating with us we hope others are quicker to take social risks, question their self-imposed rules, permit themselves more freedoms and live out their days with more spontaneity.

Natthi Sharma: Making Sense of the Weird Quantum Reality

The audience will first be exposed to experimental results on electrons/photons that require for their explanation very counter-intuitive concepts, such as being here and there or spinning up and down at the same time, underlying quantum physics. Very special visual analogs will be used --- analogies are always useful to comprehend new in terms of known --- to comfort the intellectual paralysis of our (predisposed) mind in understanding the co-existence of mutually exclusive attributes in the microscopic quantum world.